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3 Events That You R.S.V.P.’d to…and Then Googled.

Ah Millennials! We work for ourselves, we live by our apps and as of late when no one was looking? We redefined the entire party scene to-to be honest-make it more fun. As a millennial myself, I get it. I learned first-hand recently when I spent half a week organizing a brunch for my friend group (because I hadn’t punished myself lately) and come 9:30 brunch Sunday, the texts I got were as follows:

9:45- Maddison: I’m totes coming to braunchh I’m still throwing up Jager though.

9:57- Mike: we have to be at Sam’s parents’ brunch thing for a bit but them we’re coming over.

10:02-Allen: can’t make it. My guild’s raiding in 30.

10:13- Caylia: Is Madison there? Is she hungover sleepy or hungover angry?

10:28-fiance’: I’m still at Publix. What kind of flowers was I supposed to get?

10:37- Maddison: ok, sorry, I’m omw but I can’t find my keys!!!

10:46-Brit: hey! Sorry I’m omw my Sunday school ran late!

2:48- Lynn: hey when are you having your brunch thing?

As I was scrolling through my texts and eating the tops off all the blueberry muffins, it occurred to me: why are we still trying to party like our parents?  We work night jobs, work gigs, work online, work from home (or you lucky ones who do not work at all). Yes, some traditions are great, but it’s harder for our friends to come together the way we always have. The world is changing and like it or not, the way we celebrate is too. There seem to be two kinds of gatherings; 1. The kind where you google the dress code or 2. The kind where you google what you agreed to. The following is a list of my 3 favorite new events from the latter:

  1. The 50/50 party: In a social media world, we are more conscious than ever about the have, have not and have yacht. Since our economy seems to ebb and flow like the tides, our generation is attempting to make it less about “me” and more about “us”. The 50/50 party is most commonly found at children’s birthday parties. Instead of several children giving several gifts to a child, the gift givers instead take what the total cash value of that gift would have be and split it in half. Half goes to the birthday girl/boy in a card that they can pool to buy a larger gift of their choosing. The other half goes a charity of the birthday kid’s choosing. This is a rapidly growing trend for kids’ parties, but it’s not uncommon for weddings or showers either.

Etiquette: Do: be honest about the amount you would give.

Do not: talk about the amount you gave or ask questions about how the charity uses the funds


  1. Smudging Space Party: Since the worst thing any socially conscious, progressive millennial can do is offend anyone, addressing the idea of ritual for anything has become tricky. A Smudging space party (or blessing party as it can be in more religious circles) is a close gathering of friends and family to celebrate their loved one/ones settling into their new home. This can be done by burning sage throughout the house, prayers, or as simple as well wishes from loved ones much like a house-warming party. Many people balk at attending a smudge ceremony without understanding that regardless of any one guest’s religious affiliation, it is nothing more than a collective wish for prosperity, calm and happiness in their new home (something everyone involved would want for their friends). It is a show of support for the loved one and does not necessarily always include religion.

Etiquette: Do: be open-minded and respectful even if you do not choose to participate

Do Not: be offended or detract attention from the guest of honor. It is not about you.


  1. A Preggartini Party: This last, and perhaps most interesting new trend is our generation’s answer to the formal baby shower. Gone are the days of getting dressed up on you day off to drive across town to sit in a lady-like formation and talk about your facebook friend’s impending delivery. In a fast-moving world, the all-afternoon showers are not making the cut. The Preggartini party is a (and I can’t stress this enough) non-alcoholic reception lasting no more 2 hours, usually post work day/cocktail hour. It is a stop by, casual sip and dip out event usually with gift cards in place of presents, hors d’ oeuvres and signature virgin drinks.The dress is generally dressy casual as most guests arrive from the office and tone is light. This low-stress alternative is catching mostly in large cities. It seems in my opinion to be a party in fast forward, but then again, there’s no “let’s guess how big the new mommy has gotten by wrapping her toilet paper” game and makes the whole experience a little more…chic.

Etiquette: Do: Bring a Visa Gift card and sample the refreshments

Do Not: Tell people you’re still going to happy hour after this

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