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Old, New, Hipster, You; How to Find YOUR Wedding in a Sea of Rose Gold

I’m in a unique position. I’m a bride and I’m a guide. I’ve been engaged for fewer than six months but I’m also an event planner. When I started this part of my life, I wasn’t worried about being overwhelmed with options or workload.  I liked the idea that I had an edge to the sport of engagement. After all, I know lingo, the tricks, the secret handshakes; I was a pro.- no!- I thought smugly- I was a double agent!

Fueled with all these aggressively mixed metaphors, I fired up my laptop and reported to (where else) Pintrest, the Web M.D. of wedding planning.

After two hours of eye rubbing and angry typing, I had arrived a conclusion: The answers to all of my questions, was two words: Rose Gold.

This may be too telling of my age but the cartoons I watched when I was younger were usually loony tunes. It’s an odd parallel but after all my research for my own wedding, It seemed like I was stuck in a bugs bunny cartoon. I walked in with abstract ideas and optimism and the internet? Was singing “come into my shop! Let me cut your mop! It went a little something like this:

You want a Rose gold theme!

You want to buy 100 guests a four-star dinner!

You want a May wedding!

But above all. It will be Rustic!

For those of you who grew up watching baby Einstein, the point of the cartoon was that Bugs and his customer have very different ideas on how their day should go. Much like event planning, when you allow yourself to be railroaded to the three kinds of weddings that are trending, you cheat yourself and your partner out of an experience that reflects the love you share.

Now before I get pelted with 1000 identical hydrangea bouquets, let me clarify;  I’m not saying that your wedding is less magical if it is more popular. I understand that it is the couple that makes a wedding unique- not the color swatches. YOUR beach wedding will be different than any other beach wedding because YOU and YOUR partner will be the ones getting married. That experience will be unique to the two of you because so is your story. What I’m advocating for instead is a signature; a fingerprint. Why does a beach wedding describe you and your partner, but a church wedding does not?  It’s okay to want a rustic wedding if that is your vision, but what if you knew you could get married under a flower-filled arbor in the same park your fiancé took you on your first date? If your destination beach wedding is what you’ve wanted for years, then would you want it within a mile of where you or your guests could watch 100 baby Sea turtles hatch the same weekend?

These are the types of details that can make your day richer. Exploring options and putting your own stamp on your event can enhance your experience on an already very special day. I love pushing boundaries of what is considered “normal” or “what the situation calls for” and my favorite clients have always been the ones that ask the most questions. I’m not sure if my and my fiancé’s wedding will resemble something rustic or formal or something I think is unique but turns out has been trending for weeks, But I know it will be weird, and fun and most importantly, it will be us.


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