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Why I Ask All My New Clients to Make a Vision Board.

     Pro Tip: In the first few months of your engagement, the internet knows you are exploring new ideas about weddings and it can’t wait to overwhelm you with options and ads;hundreds and hundreds of ads -_-
 Without boring you the accepted slang for this phenomenon is called “the Green Tie Theory”.  The rule goes exactly like this: you put (for example) the words “green tie” in your smoogle fome search engine. You look at 3 green ties on an online store. For the rest of the week, no matter what you go looking for on the internet, you receive sponsored ads for green ties. Later in the week? You receive spam mail about men’s tux’s on sale at a store in your town. And depending on the search or device, you eventually get push notifications on your phone for retail sales near you.
  Key word searching tools and cache/ info harvesting is a completely legal and prevalent form of advertising in the U.S. Don’t be alarmed. This is a normal and standard practice in our day and age. On a good day, these tools can even  connect you to products and services that are actually relevant to you.
     The problem arises however, when you are attempting to research broad or large scale ideas (like wedding planning) and the search results that apply are in the triple digits. Now not only did you find the 1 solution you wanted to research, but also you are going to be completely accosted with everything and everyone in the webbi-world that pings when you said the word “wedding”. This constant onslaught of unsolicited ads and suggestions can be very overwhelming and annoying to someone trying to make serious decisions about their wedding day. At a certain point “it’s just too much” as I often hear summarized.
     Since as far as I know, I can’t change the internet (yet!) I highly recommend you do what your parents always told you to do before making a big decision or purchase; say it with me millennials- “Do your homework!”. You cannot and should not ever be talked into anything to do with your wedding. This is the best way I’ve found to outsmart your search engine. It may be analog, but having a clear picture of what you want going in will help shut out all the white noise and up-sells. Here are some other reasons I highly recommend everyone start their planning process with this tool.
1.       Unlike portals or sites on the internet that let you collage,  a vision board offers dimensions, textures and are designed to evoke a specific feeling you’d like to convey. Most people include color swatches, inspiring words or quotes and divide the board into sections (larger priorities get more real estate on the board and so on).
2.       While sites like Pinterest are helpful when designing, they are engineered to be a solitary activity. Vision boards are meant to be a “togetherness” activity. Close family members and fiancées often give input and help shape ideas. This is meant to be in inclusive project. While it is definitely YOUR wedding, this a beautiful opportunity to share in the joy of a new engagement in a low-key way with those you love.  These are also The very same people that will urge you to “enjoy this journey”. This is that in practice.
3.       While the images online are mentally stimulating, This is a much more tactile exercise and I’ve been told by clients this was a great tool to help diffuse wedding related anxiety or “nervous energy” concerning their big day. One bride I worked with, worked on her board for weeks. It turned out so well that after her wedding, she framed it and hung it in her guest room.
4.      This is a very popular exercise for people who are highly successful with their goals and actively engage in mindfulness in making big decisions for their future.
5.      It teaches me, the person helping you design your wedding decor, how to better intuit what you want to see at your wedding. Ultimately, the more you can show me, the clearer the picture and more I can help you. I want to do everything I can to help make your day magical! And you know, if you still don’t like it after you made one? I give you permission to make a vision fire 😉
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