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Am I Putting a Bridal Boot Camp in my Wedding Budget? Ab-solutely not. Here’s Why:

I’m borderline annoying about fitness goals. Ask anyone who knows me, I’d just as soon talk about their new P.R. or milestone before what preschool they love or where we should do our taxes this year. I love my high energy job because it lends itself to a high energy lifestyle. While most people find the hours demanding and intense, I find it right on par with my usual pace.

I work out (that’s a blatant lie. I do a ton of cardio and literally nothing else) and I work long hours and have my entire adult life. I didn’t even realize how little I thought about it until some friends recently asked me at dinner

“Soooooo Miss Wedding Planner, tell us what gym you’re using or what program you’re doing for YOUR wedding prep.” I stopped mid-chew, mouth full of sushi.

“Wait, muffyou mean mut hym?” They both stared at me deadpanned and my more tactful friend took a different approach.

“No, of course you don’t neeeeeed a gym sweetie but like, don’t you wanna look amazing on your wedding day? Like Rockstar amazing?”

Now this required pause. It was a reasonable enough question. Given the choice, I would much prefer lobster abs (think about it. You stand up a lobster. Now look at his abs. exactly) and contours of a fitness model, but I’m also pretty sure they don’t get to eat things like sushi. I wanted to say something non-judgmental but the mixture of wasabi and anxiety was fogging my thoughts.

“Guys, I just ran the Capitol steps yesterday, like more than once! I’m in decent shape! I said defensively.

“Wow, that’s great!” they responded enthusiastically and then silently stacked sliced ginger on nigiri. I got the point.  This is a goal, or rather absence of a goal I should have. In the Venn Diagram someone who enjoys fitness, someone who is getting married and someone who works in the wedding industry, I should have seen this coming.

After taking some time to digest (both sushi and revelation) I landed on the following:

  1. No one says “It’s the dress’s big day” i.e. no one is there to see if you fit in the size 2 or 22. Not to sound harsh but literally no one cares. They’ll think you look show-stopping because you are! Brides RADIATE beauty on their wedding day because of the joy they are feeling not how they are styled.
  2. Unconditional love from a partner generally comes after unconditional love for yourself. Self love and acceptance are important to the health of your relationship and your own health. And what’s more, if you ask? Your partner will remind you of just how gorgeous you are.
  3. Peer Pressure isn’t cute on anyone. Ladies, can we all agree it’s ok to be comfortable in our skin during the happiest time of our lives? What’s more, can we be allowed to actually SAY it? Can we give that gift to each other? Surround yourself with people that build you up and support you during this exciting time and you’ve created a “Hater-Free Zone”. It’s amazing how different you can look when all that is reflecting back is positivity.
  4. Fitness is important- Overall Fitness. Sure you can run a 6 minute mile but what about the other aspects of your health? How’s your mindfulness or meditation going? Are you sleeping enough to feel rested? Do your emotions feel prickly or peaceful? It’s important to acknowledge ALL aspects of your health to reduce your stress in what can at times be an overwhelming process. Goals are great, but don’t let yourself burn out! You’re going to want to be present for every day ahead of your awesome adventure!
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