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So When’s the Date?! How to Choose a Wedding Date that Works

Here’s a little secret between you and me; It was much easier GIVING wedding advice to brides than taking my own. Since I’m in the beginning of MY wedding planning, I thought for sure that this would be the least of my worries. Perspective and Karma had other plans.

Almost within days, the glitzy ring and the cute proposal story were yesterday’s news. and now? (Que dramatic sound from Law and Order *Dun Dun!*) it was all anyone wanted to know. There was a hole in their google calendar, planners and event calendars and my type “A” friends and family, were. Not. Having it.

I of course recognize that their persistence is out of love, but I identify with my brides on this one; the pressure is no joke! Here’s what I have always recommended to my brides and can now gladly say I have also done:

  1. Study Up, Buttercup: Always, Always, ALWAYS consult the Farmer’s Almanac. Millennials; this is the weird-looking book/magazine hybrid your parent always kept around the house (usually in the bathroom for some reason?). This is a very reliable source for projecting weather conditions and if you live in a tropical climate (like I do!) where the weather comes in several moods a day, it can prove to be invaluable. Contrary to Alanis Morissette’s song, there is nothing ironic about rain on your wedding day; especially if you could have prevented it.
  2. Culture Climate: Grooms: this one is for you. You’re welcome. Ladies: If you live in the Southern United States and would like your wedding to be during football season, get well acquainted with your fiance’s grumpy face…cause that’s the one you’ll be stuck with. Try to consider a date that does not conflict with other popular events such as sporting events, major holidays, or Financially inconvenient dates (such as the first week of the new year when your guests might not have the funds to travel). Additionally, every region comes with its own planning challenges. In my case, for example, because I live in Tallahassee and bagged myself an ex Marching Chief (go noooooles!), I had to work around FSU’s homecoming schedule and the Capitol’s Legislative Sessions. Consider where you live to make sure something else is not competing with YOUR big day.
  3. Early Save the Dates Save Headaches: Often I work with couples that do everything right. They set the date over a year out, sit down with each other to compare calendars, think about other life events they might have in conjunction, and pick a date that works for them. They then send out the save the dates early. This is when the phone calls start. Sometimes, the date is only convenient for the couple. When friends and family receive lots of notice for your wedding, They will generally promptly reach out to tell you if they have a schedule conflict. If you send out save the dates within the first third of your engagement, you can often change the date if it turns out lots of guests have schedule conflicts. This seems like a smaller detail, but trust me, by 3 months out from your date when you have already paid deposits for caterers, photographers, venue owners, florists, bakery ,DJ, Bar Tending, and countless more, trust me, it’s easier to say “I should have sent out save the dates early” backwards, than it is to move the date.


Stick to these three guidelines and your guests will thank you! Happy Planning, Friends!

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