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The Top 5 Best Places to Try in Tallahassee in 2019

Tired of going to the same 5 places to celebrate with your friends? We don’t blame you. Here’s what we found for our locals who want fresh experiences in the town they already love.

  1. Lofty Pursuits- worried about how to break the ice on your first date? May we suggest Lofty as the fun, out-of-the-box experience for a fun night out. Their candy making classes and friendly staff will no doubt be the sweet alternative you’re looking for. Also? No one can be reserved while they letting their inner child have a field day!
  2. 926 Bar and Grill: Topple all the way through the looking glass and you’ll find the weird and wonderful 926. Tallahassee’s best alternative club is known for its tolerance, great drinks and over-the-top events and shows. Bring an open mind and 100 friends to weekly trivia, great music or bottomless mimosa brunches. All are welcome and can find everything from the tame to the talented in this Jack of all Clubs.
  3. Tally Cat Café- A welcome relief from the day’s stresses, Tally’s Cat Café offers a Zen space you will definitely lap up. Come with a group or alone for that self-care you’ve been ignoring and sip your favorite coffee beverage with affectionate kittens and cats. No need to bring your own feline friend, the café works with the Leon County Animal Shelter to find forever homes and foster parents by letting you spend time with them in the quiet café. Come for the calm, stay for the kittens, you are guaranteed a peaceful and heart-warming time at this venue.
  4. Tallahassee Museum- Forget what you think a museum should be and embrace what the Tallahassee museum currently is; the new, outdoorsy, interactive, family outing. The Tallahassee museum houses a variety of animals that are native to Florida and has seasonal exhibits to teach its guests about Florida wildlife. In addition, if you are feeling wild yourself, you can take advantage of its many board walks, interactive exhibits and ultimate aerial adventure. This course is part zip line, part obstacle course, all tree-top exploration. A five-star outing for all Florida adventurers.
  5. Proof on SoMo- We recommend you go (cause you’re the only one that’s not there) and good luck finding room at the crown jewel of Tallahassee’s hangouts. This award-winning venue recently opened their new location on South Monroe and business is more than booming; it’s brewing. All puns aside, Proof is deeply rooted in working and serving the local area and they have mastered the skill of making a great beer taste even better in a great space. There is nothing more quintessentially Tallahassee than Proof and you do not have your “local” badge until you’ve been.


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