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Top 20 Traits of Incredibly Successful People in Business

Too often I share my passion for hospitality and wedding planning with my friends and family. They do their best, but turns out, not everyone wants to hear about weddings all day every day (go figure). I thought I’d do something a little more broad this week.  As a millennial, I know I’ve been accused of burning the candle at both ends or succumbing to the economic mindset of “work hard today so you have the chance to work hard tomorrow”. As I get older I’ve found my work ethic hasn’t changed but the way in which I work has. The older I get, the more I seem to strive to emulate people I admired in my 20’s. I’m far from perfect but I work this list every day to try to be a better professional. The following is a list of the top 20 traits of the most successful people I know.

  1. They never speak negatively about anyone. This includes all social media platforms, public conversations and disparaging comments (this one is tough. It’s so easy to stumble with all the platforms we have today, but it’s also why it’s number 1!)
  2. They don’t discuss their short or long-term business goals with others.
  3. They live a private life or have extremely clear personal and professional boundaries
  4. They are supportive of their competitors, not critical or passive
  5. They understand their business inside and out (from accounting to networking to economics; a gap in your business knowledge is a disservice to your business)
  6. They take criticism well
  7. They are independent thinkers
  8. They focus on what is going right in their life, not what they are missing
  9. They rarely take offense with things people say because they focus on the intention of the meaning rather than the wording
  10. They see a clear path for their lives and work in service of their goals
  11. They understand their own gifts and yield to others’ gifts (Most. Important. One. for me as a planner!)
  12. They are fluent in more than one language
  13. They are not afraid to be uncomfortable (These are your first in, last out, yes I’d like that shift, thank you for the opportunity professionals. Watch them. They will amaze you.)
  14. They happily teach their trade to others
  15. They self-care and maintain their emotional, physical and mental health
  16. They strive to be part of the local community
  17. They listen, actively listen then empathize with their coworkers, employees and clients
  18. When they are on vacation or spending quality time with loved ones, they are off the grid and unreachable.
  19. They are constantly working to improve their business, whether it is year 1 or year 10.
  20. They give back! Personally and professionally! They mentor, they volunteer, they donate and better their communities.
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