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Why Micro Weddings are the New Tiny Homes

Millennials. Love. Down-sizing. Love it. It’s trendy, efficient and a cost-effective alternative in a precarious economy. We used to do it to our homes…and then we all collectively realized Alex and April can’t both work from their tiny home with their 4 children and 3 dogs, next to a rushing waterfall, in their own private forest, that also has Wifi. Next, we tried it with our work spaces. We quickly learned that if you borrow one of Megan’s 3 pens or ask her for a spare sticky note, you just donated your next six minutes to a conversation about fiscal responsibility and sustainability, and no, you can’t borrow a pen. Cause she only has 3. Now, everyone brace yourselves, we’re trying it with weddings.

I’ll admit, as a millennial myself, all of these ideas appeal to me. In fact, much to the beguilement of my friends and family, I’m having a micro wedding. Before I explain why my fiancé and I chose this route, I wanted to list reasons NOT to have a micro wedding.

  1. You’re a Bride on a Budget. It sounds very counter-intuitive, but this is not a solution for a budget wedding. When on a strict wedding budget, you are already going to be making lots of compromises for your wedding. A micro wedding is an even further step and the result may take you further from the magical scene you envisioned. Also, many brides don’t know that micro wedding does not mean micro pricing. Lots of Micro weddings often weigh in at close to or the same as standard wedding costs. It’s much safer to consistently save for a date 18-22 months out than to try to cram it into a one-scene play that will leave everyone asking “What just happened?”
  2. It’s Trendy. I know I’ve said this before, but the current wedding trends may not match up with your unique plan for your special day. Trends become trends because they appeal to a lot of people in a general way. They are often regarded as “pass/fail”. Do we like them? Sure. Did they seem tailored to your dream wedding? Probably not. Find 2-3 items to splurge on in your wedding and take the time as a couple to invest and personalize them. You’ll enjoy them a lot more and you’ll remember them a lot easier than a passing trend.
  3. You don’t want “the Big Wedding” or you are just “Not That Bride”. First of all, I hear you. The doves, and the long train and the endless guest lists? Are not for everyone. However, a common misconception with wedding styles is that your only choices are a big wedding or small wedding. It is a very large range. There are several tiers to formal events and weddings are no exception. I would caution any bride from going from one extreme to the other. You can definitely find your comfort level with your wedding by consulting with your planner and keeping an open line of communication with you partner.

Now. Why is a Micro Wedding a good fit for me? (and when would it be a good fit for others?) only one reason: It matches both of our personal styles. We chose to do a very intimate ceremony with a few very splashy features because that’s just us; low-key, fun, and psyched to be in love. Like I mentioned earlier, Micro wedding does not mean Micro pricing and it certainly didn’t for us. We came in around average for wedding costs and are fine with that because we are confident with what we chose. If a Micro Wedding fits your style, great! If not, work with your planner and your partner to find what does! After all it’s called “the happiest day of your life” not the smallest.

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